Awareness and simple, practical techniques for students' confidence and safety


There's no question as to the importance of preparing girls for the adult world as they enter their final years at school. 

From a changing social life and increased independence through to the excitement of gap-year travel, tertiary study, first jobs and moving out of the family home, girls should be able to enter the wider world confident and ready to experience everything it offers, not scared and reluctant to look beyond the safety of childhood.

Fight Back Women's Self Defence can tailor make classes of any size, number and length, to fit your unique requirements - if there are certain concerns you would like to address then let us know and we'll make sure they are covered.


Classes are $165 an hour for a group of up to 25 students, $220 an hour for a larger group.

*If a seperate venue needs to be hired then we need to add that cost to the above price.