For individuals or groups of any size, we can teach you what you want to learn, where you want to learn it.


Fight Back runs two and three-hour sessions (or any other length tailor-made to suit you) for individuals or small groups - ideal for families, friends or small businesses.

We can come to your place (the average living room is big enough for up to eight people), out to a local park, or we'll find the perfect location to suit your needs*. 


For more information on these sessions and how they can work and be tailored to your needs, email Howard or call on 0408 314 328.    

One on one           |          Small group (2 to 8 people)          |        Large group (8+ people)


Two hours  $175                                             Two hours  $200                                                 Two hours  $250

Three hours  $200                                          Three hours  $250                                              Three hours  $300

* If a separate venue needs to be hired then we'll need to add their cost to the above prices